Huntington Beach, California

Addiction Recovery Need Not Be a Black Hole: it Can Be a Passageway to a “New Existence” and a Renewed Family Connection


With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day around the corner many look forward to being with family. However for many living with drug and alcohol addiction these holidays are painful reminders of the children, siblings, and parents they are separated from. It feels like a black hole from which they can never emerge.

Recently scientists discovered what they thought was a black hole. Then they found things inside it which suggested it might not be a black hole after all– but instead a corridor or a passageway to another dimension or existence. Such can be the case with addiction recovery – with the right recovery center.

One of the many pitfalls​ of addiction is the feeling that, no matter what, you can never escape being seen as an addict. This is similar to the cliché “once a cheater always a cheater”. This leaves little room or incentive for “recovery”.

Perhaps the greatest incentive for those going through addiction recovery is the opportunity to be reunited and reconnected with their children, siblings and parents.

New Existence (http://www.newexistencerecovery.com) clinician, Andrea Gillette (LMFT, LAADC), explains the importance of selecting a recovery center that addresses family reconnection, “As an addiction treatment organization, we at New Existence consider it our responsibility to help clients to live a fulfilled sober life. A big part of being happy and balanced is having healthy relationships. Whether it be friends or family, we support and guide our clients and their families by fostering communication techniques and interpersonal skills in order to bring loved ones back together again. We focus on creating a foundation for recovery that lasts. We recognize that strong support systems are a huge part of that. And that’s why helping reunite clients with their families during recovery is the greatest joy of my profession.”