Hal Blakeslee

Founder, Hyprsoft Corporation

Hyprsoft and Essassin Target Marketing have entered into a strategic partnership, whereas Hyprsoft has chosen Essassin as its number one solutions provider for PR services. The team at Essassin will market Hyprsoft as its best in breed custom software and mobile apps provider. Hyprsoft builds apps for all kinds of industries that adhere to all the latest standards and look amazing on all devices. “I have witnessed Essassin’s proprietary business model be very successful for several businesses.


CEO, MerchantsXL

MerchantsXL is built with outgoing and intelligent people; they understand business and exactly what tools businesses need to succeed. With so much experience on their team, they are highly critical of the products they deliver, and their unparalleled quality and attention to detail continues to exceed the expectations of each and every client we service.

Chris Johnson

Owner, CRE8 Networks

I contracted with Essassin to deliver a new logo and for brand management. They agreed to only charge me if I chose their logo. They provided 3 choices and we fell in love with their creative design. Today, we use Essassin instead of hiring an expensive marketing representative.

James Stepanian

CEO, Summerlin Asset Management

Our company noticed a marked increase in top line sales within days of deploying Essassin’s Press Release package, clearly it wasn’t just about the great press release, it was about the strategy Essassin used to link the press and post in on review sites. Cision’s syndication network is the largest in The USA, but Essassin took it several steps above that by posting our press release strategically on relevant sites.

Richard Glavas

CEO, Ideal Technology

My rep at Essassin is so easy to get in touch with. No need for online live chat, or international service reps. The team at Essassin always answers my phone calls and makes sure my work is done expeditiously. They manage our online brand and reputation. They are the best and reasonably priced