6 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

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Wondering how to drive organic traffic to your website and raise awareness of your brand in 2020? it’s time to improve your SEO strategies. Users visit websites either in search of information, products or services, but how do you get people to find you and not your competitors?

It pains to see your competitors rank higher than you in Search Engines Ranking Pages(SERPS). However, applying the right SEO techniques can help you boost the number of visitors, scale up your rankings, and with time, improve conversion rate. 

Winning first-page ranking should not sound like a dream anymore. Thus said, here are expert SEO techniques to score more organic traffic in 2020.

  1. Pay Attention to Long-tail Keywords

Putting an extra effort in your keyword choice can help you win more traffic in no time. You want to avoid the most popular keywords in the market and use those that are more specific to the services and products you offer. This helps to establish your authority in a particular niche.

In time, search engines will establish your site as a key destination for a particular subject. Undoubtedly, this will help to boost your search rankings and score more customers or blog readers.

  1. Work on Your Written Content

High-quality content creation is a sure way to improve your SEO naturally. As much as SEO experts recommend regular blogging, be sure to avoid poorly-written, cheap, and spammy content that will do more harm than good to your SEO. Write informative, sharable content that your targets can relate to, making sure you tap into the keywords they use in their searches.

Although shorter content may be as effective as lengthy content, long posts allow you to insert more keywords. But, you want to avoid the mistake of spamming your content with keywords in a bid to score higher ranking. Always prioritize the quality and relevance of your content. 

  1. Encourage Quality Links

Websites with a larger number of links are more likely to score higher search rankings, but note that it’s the quality rather than the number of links that matters most to search engines. Link your content to other blogs and reputable sites to earn more visitors, but avoid inserting too many links that make your content spammy.

Be sure to encourage incoming links, especially from trusted sites. The more incoming links your website has, the more authoritative it appears to search engines — consequently, the higher your site ranks. So, encourage fellow bloggers, vendors, friends, and suppliers to link to your site to build its authority. 

  1. Optimize Your Headlines and Main Title Tag

A title tag defines the title of a web page and is displayed on SERPs as the clickable headline. Title tags are essential for SEO, social sharing., and usability. Optimizing your title tag with a keyword, appealing slogan, or tagline ensures that your site is easily found when internet users search for the keywords.

SEO optimizing your web page or blog post headline will also improve your site’s visibility and traffic. Even as you optimize the headlines for the sake of search engines, ensure that they are captivating enough to lure users into clicking on them.

  1. Optimize Video Content

Companies are increasingly tapping into the power of video content, and as you have probably noted, video links are a common thing in search engines’ front pages. With a brilliant idea, editing software, and a good camera, you can create high definition videos to engage the audience all over the world.

SEO in video sites such as YouTube works similarly to the search engine’s SEO. Use keywords to optimize your video description and title and ensure that your videos’ thumbnails are engaging. Embedding your videos in your blog posts is also highly recommended.

  1. Get Your Meta Descriptions Right

A meta description is a snippet that provides a general overview of a web page’s content. Search engines display meta descriptions that contain searched-for keywords/phrases. Therefore, optimizing meta description is critical for SEO.

To rank high in SERPs and draw more traffic into your website, write engaging meta descriptions optimized with focus keywords. 


It won’t cost you a dime to draw organic traffic to your site with tested and proven SEO techniques. By optimizing your blog posts, web page content, and video content, you can be sure to increase your site’s visibility and visits. Don’t forget to pay attention to your meta descriptions, headlines, and links when reinventing your SEO strategies.

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