Incline Village, Nevada


Earlier this month many families celebrated Father’s Day. My sisters and I instead quietly remembered the one-year anniversary of our father’s death from a series of heart attacks. According to doctors, this could easily have been prevented by a change in diet and exercise habits. He died Father’s day morning, one of some 835,536 who die of heart disease each year, (1 in 3 deaths) according to the American Heart Association.

Like many men our father did not focus on fathering himself. A Vietnam War veteran with a long career in the wine industry, he loved going out and eating rich meals. So when I learned about the efforts Bryon McLendon and Nutrishop (http://www.NutrishopUSA.com) were making to give a much needed “wake up” call for men, simply, and non-invasively, I wanted to get the word out.

As Bryon McLendon knows all too well “Most men are reactive not proactive. They don’t want to go to the doctor. It really takes a wake up ‘life or death’ call to get them to focus on themselves.”

Meet the wake up call – the InBody 570 body composition analyzer, which measures, among other things, visceral fat. Available for no charge at participating Nutrishop locations nationwide (https://www.nutrishopusa.com/find-nutrishop), this evaluation takes less than 5 minutes.